A project by Cogni'Junior

What is the program OCEANA?

OCEANA for ‘Optimisation of Capabilities to Engage and Acquire, using neuroscientific methods’.


The objective of this program is to raise the awareness of students via their abilities to pay attention to and learn, in order to optimize their learning process. In this medium, where schools and researchers come together, ideas and resources are pooled to produce innovative teaching methods. However, no one can innovate alone. OCEANA program aim to bring teaching and scientists together to:

  • decrease obstacle
  • innovate with a higher quality production
  • obtain shareable results

As designers of the program, we feel the need to create ethical (learning) products based on validated scientific knowledge and to validate our tools with teachers. To accomplish achieve this we-have called expired upon scientific methods to bring this project to life. OCEANA is the accumulation and realization of a long, multi-stage process combining scientific and teaching methods to produce a positive and lasting impact on children’s education.



To Ensure a proper validation of this program is Being the carried out, we make use of a 3-year protocol:

Year 1 : 2016-2017

  • teaching kit creation: theory part
  • 3 pilot classes (years 2 – 4 – 6) in Nord and South of France
  • translation in English and Dutch
  • 1 pilot class in the Netherlands

Year 2 : 2017-2018

  • validation with the teachers’ community
  • distribution: 300 hardcopies of the kit available for free (usb key + games)

Year 3-4 : 2018-2020

  • integration of users feedback
  • creation of the practical: annexes of each session

Year 5 : 2020-2021

  • finalizing
  • translating

Year 6 : 2021-2022

  • training teachers
  • creating tutorial video.

Year 7 : 2022-2023

  • scientific validation