by Cogni'Junior in collaboration with the Donders Institute


For more information about the Donders Teaching Kit, check out our Donders Institute presentation and our collaborators at Cogni’Junior :


Donders Institute (Nijmegen, NL)

  • distribution of the teaching kit hardcopies
  • supervising teachers from the Netherlands
  • bringing scientific knowledge from the Donders Institute and from school program from the Netherlands
  • setting the evaluation of the teaching kit

More info on Donders Institute:

Cogni’Junior (Paris, FR)

  • supervising teachers in the understanding of knowledge and bringing awareness to the scientific method
  • collecting scientific literature around key words of the program to integrate most up to date scientific information in the program in a popularize way
  • creation of the teaching sequence about neuroscience prior to the applied sequence (meditation or other exercises)
  • creation of scientifically validated tools and documentation to help the teaching
  • networking and interaction with partners (JL Berthier, Donders Institute …)


More info on Cogni’Junior: