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End of session about Stress

End of session about Stress

  • week 3 : frozen pictures
In the OCEANA program, we are progressing slowly on the sessions about stress. After being confronted with a stressful situation: make an oral presentation, it’s time to look at video make during the week and the previous session. Will the children be able to catch stress signs?


Children watch presentation videos. Looking at themselves, most of them didn’t wanted to look, hiding their eyes. When I asked them why, they said that they were ashamed, that they didn’t want to see themselves for real(most interesting thing, the perception of a self, a mental projection very different than what we imagine of us, is it linked to self-confidence? can we work on it ? could this relationship evolve ?). After that, children used a A4 paper sheet with the three pictures took in session 1. They read the comments from last week and had to make a A3 summary in little groups. Working in groups in hard for 7-8 years olds, they don’t succeed to work together. They drew squares in which each of them are going to write an individual comment. So no collective thinking, but we are going to work on that during the year and also with the program.
I didn’t look at the result of it in detail yet, but they are not able to make a summary table on their own, next time, we will make it all together. But they also are looking forward to seeing the videos from the other class.


  • Week 4: meeting the other class

This 4th week should be the session 3 of the program. Few events on Isabelle side slow us and it was hard to find a common slot to discuss the sessions. So I lead it but without precise aims. Little fail, it happens. Children look at the video from the class in Paris. They liked to hear a different french accent than they have. We discussed signs of stress linked to the table that Isabelle made to prepare the session which was far more developed than what we succeed to define together with the children of 7-8 years old but the Parisian class is 2 years older.
For the future, it would be great to separate the signs of stress that we can see and those that are internal. Children ended the session by reading the table with all the signs and looked at if they could fine it in the videos from the parisian presentations. A good way to increase their vocabulary.

It’s hollidays time now, we will starts with the brain when we are back and rested ! To be continued …


On Isabelle side, both class (10-11 and 5-6) also are progressing well.


Today, for both class of oldest, it’s time to begin with the functioning of the brain. Firsts questioning are there helped by the introduction with the stress activity.They are ready to talk about neurosciences.

For the youngest class, it’s time for questionnaire. It was long and difficult but they were really consciously doing it ! even talking about it during lunch time.

Like Caroline say : to be continued …


Take a look at the example video to present oral presentations without or with stress as a sum up of knowledge about signs of stress made by Héloïse and Isabelle : (do you find the sign of stress too ?) in French

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